Successful fluor test

From the very beginning, we have tried to produce and compete with our products, which are completely free of fluorine additives. We are aware of the serious threat to the environment and also to people, as it has been scientifically proven several times that fluorine compounds endanger health.

This summer, we passed the official test of all our products with distinction, in which no fluorine compound was detected.

Business parter

In the last few years, with high quality and good results, we have created a strong brand that means something in the world of ski jumping.

To facilitate communication and distribution, we are looking for a capable business partner who would take care of the new market.

Please send all applications to

Speedwax Turquoise Extra base wax makes ski jumping skis go faster

FIS fluor ban

FIS is making big progress on banning the use of all fluorinated waxes in all FIS disciplines for the following season.

The testing device is already made. Now they are dealing with calibration, so it will be 100% precise without false reading. (source:

At Speedwax we are proud on our team work.Β  All products are fluor free from the very beginning with competitive results.

Oslo - Holmenkollen

Speedwax Turquoise – Extra

In the past few years, we have noticed, there is no wax which could stay on the ski surface trough the whole training session, also the speed was droping.
For this reson, we produced new Speedwax Turquise – Extra.

As a result, we achieved protected skis and constant speed trough the whole training session even if, the air temperature is more than 30Β°C.

Speedwax Turquoise - Extra

The new invention – Speedwax​

Faster skis, generally means, better skis. Concerning this, we madeΒ Speedwax for summer ski jumping.

Our product is reducing friction between ski base and in-run surface. As a result, we secure ski base, get better acceleration and gain more speed on the take-off.

Speedwax Red Vanilla top wax makes ski jumping skis go faster

Our work

At first, we are a modern company, working on new tribology components for ski jumping.

Therefore, with scientific knowledge and expert associates, we are lately putting additional focus on ski jumping. In that case, we improve and develop newΒ ski wax.

ski jumping hill